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ChatGPT: A Cool AI Tool With Limitations


Created by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a real revolution in the field of AI. While it’s extremely helpful to realize a number of tasks, it still has some flaws and limitations as indicated by the OpenAI CEO Sam Altman in a recent podcast review.

ChatGPT: cool but also horrible

Although ChatGPT is a very useful ai creation, it still suffers from limitations and Sam Altman was very honest about this point in his podcast declaration when asked about the ai tool. He even qualified it as “cool” but also “horrible“.

According to the OpenAI CEO, this ai tool is “cool” but also “horrible” as was confirmed by Manu users who complained about the ChatGPT ceases working abruptly and continuously.

Altman went further to explain that while looking for answers, users copy and paste results as they have to deal with a website that crashes without reasons they know about.

Additionally, it doesn’t seem obvious that ChatGPT could have the impact it has today. Indeed, this AI tool has shaken the world of education allowing students to prepare and write essays about any topic without much effort. Also, the ability to provide well crafted job applications and cover letters makes of ChatGPT a useful creation.

ChatGPT: expectations and enhancements

It could be surprising to know that ChatGPT was released to the public in the very last minute after dealing with problems with bêta-testers. Nevertheless, the AI tool has succeeded to register a million users in just the first week surpassing the growth rate of Instagram and TikTok. This unexpected success raises many questions about the way ChatGPT was able to drow the attention of such a huge user-base in such a short time.

Probably, if OpenAI has released a more sophisticated version of ChatGPT, we could have witnessed a better user experience with more added value. While it is very useful, ChatGPT is not necessarily the best on the market compared to other AI integrated tools. Still, it’s huge popularity promises more enhancements and improvements in the coming versions.

The revolution made by ChatGPT marks the importance of AI in solving daily complex and simple tasks in many areas. Altman confirms that improvements are very necessary to level up the user experience while using this tool. As research in the field of AI keeps progressing, it is very likely that new versions of ChatGPT and other similar tools will appear on the internet with much more value and benefits for a better experience.

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